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Incendium is a datapack made to completely revamp the Nether, beyond what has already been done by the Nether Update. You don’t need to use a resource pack — it’s perfect for server owners or players who just want to load a datapack and play.

In total, this pack adds 4 all-new biomes, 16 variant biomes, and 11 new structures (more coming soon!), and makes full use of jigsaw blocks to generate incredibly dynamic structures.

There’s even a massive piglin castle in the Basalt Deltas.

This datapack is intended to up the difficulty of the Nether slightly, but at the same time make it much more rewarding to play there, especially for late-game players. I suspect technical players will have a lot of fun designing new farms enabled by this pack, as well.

Emin’s Complementary Shaders were used in most of the screenshots. I highly recommend you check them out – they work great with Incendium’s custom fog colors.



Biome + Structure Info!

New Biomes

Infernal Dunes – An arid desert made of red sand and terracotta. It’s inhabited by strange, speedy blazes which can’t see you from far away. These blazes have different drops – if killed in high light levels, they’ll drop redstone, and in low light, they’ll drop red sand. Maybe there’s a way you can get both…

The Infernal Dunes’ landscape hides pipelines, rare structures which can contain very valuable items, but are guarded by powerful sentries. The pipelines are very dynamic and every structure is completely different…

Quartz Flats – A ‘mirage biome’ which is as deadly as it is beautiful. Travelers who venture out onto its frozen lava seas should beware the armies of ghasts which stand ready to defend this biome’s valuable loot.

The Quartz Flats are populated with Skeletal Mansions and Abandoned Towers, two new structures.

Toxic Heap – A nuclear wasteland inhabited by poisonous slimes, and filled with strange spikes made of glass.

The Toxic Heap was ruined by Power Plants long ago, but treasures still remain in the ruins of these massive structures.

Withered Forest – A land once ruled by the Piglins, who lost a terrible war against the Wither Skeletons, leading the biome into its current state. Phantoms have made their homes here as well – some of them even in nests. There are also abandoned laboratories in this biome… I wonder what the Piglins were up to.

Restless Spirits roam the Withered Forest to protect their burial grounds. These spirits can attack you through walls, but they can be killed instantly, and they have a profound weakness to chain armor.

Variant Biomes

Basalt Deltas C – A cooled version of the Basalt Deltas. You’ll find less danger here from lava and steep falls, but magma cubes are a bit more common. Good for farms!

Basalt Deltas EX – An extreme and violent version of the Basalt Deltas, in the midst of a volcanic eruption. This biome is utterly hostile to human life, but these harsh conditions occasionally expose ancient debris in the heights of the biome.

Nether Wart Valley – A grim version of the Soul Sand Valley, with occasional patches of Nether Wart, and frequent patches of Nether Wart Blocks.

Crimson Forest S – A less threatening version of the Crimson Forest, with fewer (but far taller) trees and fewer Hoglins. This is also one of the easiest places to find Nether villages.

Crimson Forest Z – a ‘zombified’ variant of the Crimson Forest. No
Piglins spawn here – only Hoglins and Zombified Piglins. This biome is
overgrown with crimson fungi.

Warped Forest D – A dense version of the Warped Forest. You might even need an axe just to traverse this biome! If you could get away from all the shroomlights, maybe you could make a good enderman farm.

Warped Plains – a slightly flatter
variant of the Warped Forest with very few trees, but plenty of twisting
vines, and even some endermites.

Deep Soul Sand Valley – A rare, dark variant of the Soul Sand Valley, with extra basalt pillars and no ghasts, and where almost all of the netherrack underground is replaced by soul sand and soul soil. Great place to start digging!

There are even variants of my new biomes…

Withered Forest A – a variant of the Withered Forest, covered in ashes and obsidian from an ancient war.

Cursed Forest is the source of the Nether’s gilded blackstone, and as a
result, it’s a warzone between Piglins who aim to steal that gold, and
Wither Skeletons who want to protect their territory.

Polluted Dunes – a dirty, gravel-filled variant of Infernal Dunes. It’s very likely to spawn next to a Toxic Heap.

Purified Dunes – a pristine, volcanic variant of Infernal Dunes. It’s the homeland of the Hovering Inferno as well…

Quartz Hills – a hilly version of the Quartz Flats with odd trees and plenty of soul fire.

Toxic Springs – a flooded version of the Toxic Heap – lava is everywhere; almost the entire landscape consists of lava lakes.

Voltaic Heap – another wasteland like the Toxic Heap, but it’s at the epicenter of the nuclear
fallout which exists in the “Toxic” biomes. There are constant
electrical storms here, and the fog glows purple from the intense
radiation. Thanks to Netheferious for this wonderful idea and its
initial execution. <3



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This datapack also adds a new boss, the Hovering Inferno. This boss is stronger than any other boss in the game, and can be spawned at specific altars generated in the Purified Dunes biome by throwing a nether star onto the altar.

There’s an optional resource pack included that adds some small things like blaze colors and textures for custom items (to install it, just unzip the datapack and move the resource pack to your resourcepacks folder.)

An incredible number of great people have helped with builds for Incendium’s structures. I couldn’t have done this without you guys. Thank you so much to HSLegacy, TKWhale, Netheferious, xLocalTrqsh, Yam, JoyfulFennec, SnakeSlither, Xtal Northway, KiriKiriMai and Sulfenir for all your help. 😀

This datapack won’t work on Realms – world generation datapacks as a whole are broken on Realms. This issue is on Mojang’s side. Please upvote this bug report to help get it fixed.

Download Link :


[Exe.io ##download##]



[MediaFire ##download##]




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